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SnoopWall NetSHIELD Enterprise 1000

Control Physical, Mobile, Virtual & IoT
Take charge of your corporate network(s) with a highly scalable, affordable and simple to
manage network access control solution (NAC). Gain control and confident oversight of
your trusted LAN(s), manage compliance reporting, audit assets, identify vulnerabilities
and defend against malicious insiders, rogue access, zero day malware, phishing attacks
and data exfiltration.

Think Differently

NetSHIELD delivers a rich feature set of Layer 2 Intrusion Prevention System capabilities.

  • Delivering security at Layer 2 ensures that untrusted/unknown assets (physical, virtual, mobile and IoT) cannot access
    corporate networks.
  • Zero-day malware, ransomware, crypto-malware and phishing connections are blocked preventing malicious code from
    impacting endpoints.
  • Comprehensive auditing, vulnerability assessments, and compliance reporting


Re-establish “Trusted LAN”

  • Prevent untrusted, unknown and/or unwanted assets from accessing network
  • Dynamic or manual blocking
  • Block asset, peer and/or port
  • Zero-hour malware quarantine
  • Phishing attack quarantine
  • Agentless & non-inline
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Compliance auditing
  • MAC spoof detection/blocking
  • TLD blocking



NetSHIELD Datasheet 07/08/2017
NetSHIELD Datasheet 07/08/2017


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