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Information Governance Server

The unique Information Governance solution with the ability to track hundreds of thousands of documents and monitor billions of communication transactions.

The Clearswift Information Governance Server (IGS) lies at the heart of the Clearswift Aneesya Platform.

With the ability to track hundreds of thousands of documents and monitor billions of communication transactions, IGS is a unique Information Governance solution. It has been designed to make it simple for any IT or security professional who is responsible for critical information protection; both to use, as well as providing essential reports for the CIO, Risk, Audit or Compliance Officer.

As the volume at which organizations collaborate via email, web, online collaboration tools increases understanding information flows has become essential in order to protect the information. Using the Clearswift SECURE Gateways as an information source, IGS can track information across email (both internal and external) as well as across the Internet.

Critical Information Registration

A simple to use web interface or through a Microsoft Explorer plug-in simply register documents which contain critical information. These are organized in users’ collections, making it simple to manage even very large document sets. When registering, additional classifications can also be applied.

Critical Information Policy Based Action

For all information moving across or leaving the organization, a check is carried out as to whether the information has been registered as ‘critical’. If it has, then a policy action can be carried out, and the document owner and/or the administrator informed.

Track and Trace

A key component of an adaptive DLP solution, the IGS is able to track and trace information across the enterprise to create an information provenance report. It can not only track full documents, but also the information inside. This enables impact analysis to be carried out should there be a breach on how the information was leaked outside (or inside) the organization.

Information Analytics & Reporting

A comprehensive set of reports are included with IGS, with the ability for customized reports to be created through professional services. The reports and the scope of the reports are tied to the users and their roles, such that individuals, compliance officers and administrators can all have their own view on the system, underpinning a comprehensive adaptive DLP strategy.