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ActivID Strong Authentication

Companies can secure their network as well as their buildings, by giving their employees the access they need. Perhaps the employees are only allowed to access part of the building and maybe they do not need access to all information / data this solution give companies the full control.

Strong authentication goes beyond a single password
Traditional static passwords, simply aren't enough to protect against today's dynamic threats. Hackers continue to target the credentials of insiders because they give the attacker access to facilities and the network, enabling them to "look like they belong," so they can move around the organization undetected.
 The issuance and management of user credentials, on all the various devices from smart cards to mobile phones, for all the applications and resources they want to access can be a manual, time consuming process. What is needed is a single process with a consolidated user credential management system that can issue and manage security credentials for all your users to grant them access to what is appropriate, from buildings to cloud-based applications, across various form factors.