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ActivID® Soft Tokens

Increase security – Decreases risks with robust two-factor authentication
which inhibits breaches.

Enhance user convenience – Authentication that addresses user demands
for convenience and portability.

Increase productivity – Securely connects users from any location through
a variety of devices.

Lower cost – Versatile, future-proof authentication platform reduces the cost
of fulfillment and management.

Extend value – Enables secure access from smartphone, tablet, laptop and
PC to VPNs, web portals and cloud applications.


HID Global’s ActivID® Soft Tokens provide proven, strong authentication for remote employees accessing corporate IT systems, and consumers logging on to online services, without the need to distribute hardware tokens.

Using Soft Tokens, end-users can conveniently access one-timepasswords (OTPs) on devices that they already carry with them, including smartphones, tablets, Internet browsers, and laptops. A simple provisioning process eliminates the logistic hurdles associated with hardware tokens, and allows organizations to deploy strong authentication – securely and cost effectively.

Soft Token licenses are based on activations, and can be re-assigned as needs change. Because ActivID Soft Tokens do not contain digital keys, end-users can safely download tokens from a device app store, or a public website. IT administrators can then use HID Global’s authentication solutions to manage these activations through a separate notification process.

All ActivID Tokens support the Initiative for the Open Authentication (OATH) HMAC-Based One-Time Password (HOTP) algorithm. ActivID Token for Mobile HID Global’s ActivID Token for Mobile (smartphone and tablets) is available on leading handset operating systems including Android, Blackberry, Apple iOS, and many other Java™ 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME™) enabled devices.

ActivID Token for Web Browser HID Global’s ActivID Token for Web Browsers delivers strong authentication, without requiring organizations to distribute software to end users. Because ActivID Token for Web Browsers supports roaming, users can register several machines and then use any leading web browser for Microsoft® Windows or Apple® Macintosh® to perform strong authentication from those machines.

ActivID Token for PC HID Global’s ActivID Token for PC can be distributed easily on a public website or as part of a standard in-house machine build. Users can access their token from the Windows system tray or launch the