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ActivID® Flexi Token

Multiple security options – Support provided for multiple security services, standards
and algorithms, providing more choices to protect critical data.

Easy-to-use – Intuitive user interface includes icons and messages as visual prompts
for the user.

Full graphical and configuration customization – ActivID® Flexi Token can be
completely personalized to match corporate branding and organizational need.

Cost-efficient – Combines high functionality and flexibility at a low cost for mass deployment.

Supported by HID Global solutions – Integrated into Genuine HID® authentication and
management solutions as your needs evolve.


Most of the attack scenarios today rely on unveiling static passwords, phishing, key loggers, man-in-the-middle or other types of cyber-attacks.

For improved security, an end-user can be permitted access to data on the corporate network or in the cloud by providing more than just a password, using something they have (i.e., the one-time password from the token) and unique information only they know (i.e., a PIN number).

Combining these two components provides strong two-factor authentication, which eliminates the vulnerabilities associated with static passwords or most other attack scenarios. HID Global’s ActivID One-Time-Password (OTP) Tokens generate random passwords that can only be used once.

In addition, ActivID Flexi Token integrates a more intuitive user interface through universally recognized graphical interface (icons) in a compact form factor. ActivID Flexi Token is the preferred device for mass deployments in financial institutions and corporate organizations looking to secure their infrastructure in-house or on the road.

The device supports up to three applications and uses a dedicated function button for authentication (OTP and challenge/ response), as well as transaction signing features. HID Global offers customization of the device for customer requirements that differ across institution and countries.

Customization includes full-color branding, programming of the security parameters, and custom packaging to ensure ActivID Flexi Token is optimized for your specific needs. The compact form factor also allows massive deployments through easy and cost-efficient traditional postal services.