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ActivID® Authentication Server

Increase security – Robust two-factor authentication
reduces risks and mitigates breaches.

Enhance user convenience – Multi-layer authentication
addresses user demands for convenience and portability.

Increase productivity – Connects users securely through a variety
of devices and authentication methods and unobtrusive ActivID
Threat Detection software for anywhere, anytime access.

Extended value – Enables secure access from any smartphone, tablet, laptop
or PC for login to the network, VPNs, web portals and cloud applications.


HID Global’s ActivID® Authentication Server provides corporate, financial and government organizations with risk-appropriate, cost effective user authentication. The solution enables end users to have convenient anytime, anywhere access to sensitive data from their smartphones, tablets, computers and virtually any other device.

With ActivID Authentication Server, organizations can also tailor their authentication methods for specific groups of users, based on their business objectives and police/ regulatory compliance needs. For example, financial institutions can use ActivID® Trusted Transactions™ to enable mobile-based, out-of-band transaction verification, leveraging mobile device “push” notification capabilities.

Also available is the built-in ActivID Threat Detection Service that transparently protects online transactions from a wide range of threats, including Trojan and man-in-the-browser (MitB) attacks.

It also supports the broadest range of authentication methods, from strong passwords to certificatebased authentication, including two-factor, OATH-standards-based hardware tokens; soft tokens; device forensics; and SMS Out-of-Band One-Time Password (OTP) options.

Deployment is simplified, too, through the platform’s preintegration with major cloud apps, VPN systems, application servers, banking applications and other third-party systems.

Available on-premise, the ActivID Authentication Server can help to reduce total cost of ownership with easy installation, worry-free tokens that last up to eight years, and simple integration into an organization’s existing network infrastructure.