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ActivID® ActivKey® SIM

Smart and secure authenticators – Allow your employees and mobile workforce
secure access to data and cloud, using strong authentication in a mobile device.

Reduce total cost of ownership / increase convenience – ActivID® ActivKey® SIM
from HID Global® combines the security of a smart card with a built-in USB reader.

Integrated end to end solution – ActivKey SIM is fully interoperable with other
HID Global® authentication solutions, delivering an out-of-the-box experience.


HID Global’s ActivID ActivKey SIM provides strong security in an easy-to-use, portable form factor with the same two-factor authentication, digital signature and encryption capabilities as a smart card. Additionally, because of the convenient USB interface, workstations and laptops do not require an additional reader.

ActivKey SIM directly connects through the USB interface, saving IT organizations time and money. Users simply plug the device into an available USB port to enable strong authentication for workstation network access, remote and application access, as well as secure transactions.

The ActivKey SIM works together with HID Global’s ActivID® Credential Management System (CMS), ActivID ActivClient®, and 4TRESS™ AAA server for a complete two-factor authentication solution to enterprise networks, data, and applications. ActivKey SIM complements your security initiatives by storing one-time passwords and PKI credentials from any Certificate Authority (CA) (e.g., IdenTrust®, Entrust®, Verisign®, Microsoft®).

In addition, the generation of private and public keys can be managed on a single device so that keys don’t have to be exported from the smart card. ActivKey SIM’s USB token form-factor enables users to switch between different workstations, and requires no external readers.

Users can also change their own PINs, or download and delete certificates through ActivID ActivClient or through the ActivID CMS self-service web portal. Finally, in combination with the ActivID software solution, users can lock their workstations simply by removing the device.