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SonicWall™ NSA 5600

Network Security and high performance. Hand in hand.

Next-gen security and high performance for or medium-size organizations. The NSA 5600 next-gen firewall offers low latency, high connections per second, 9 Gbps throughput and up to 4000 VPN clients.

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SonicWall™ NSA 6600

Network security that goes above and beyond.

Uncompromising security and performance for emerging large organizations. The NSA 6600 network security appliance delivers best-in-class protection, speed and scalability with 12 Gbps throughput and up to 6000 VPN clients.

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SonicWall™ SOHO Firewall
Overkommelige UTM firewalls til hjemmet og små virksomheder

SonicWALL SOHO tilbyder små kontorer beskyttelse af deres forretning uden at gå på kompromis med sikkerheden.

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SonicWall™ SonicPoint ACe

High-speed wireless that’s secure and easy to manage.

Take advantage of superior wireless network performance without sacrificing security. SonicPoint ACe wireless access points use 802.11ac technology to provide high-speed wireless connectivity. Easily set up and manage all your SonicPoints from a single location.

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SonicWall™ SonicPoint ACi

Performance and protection for wireless networks.

Extend your network with secure, high-speed wireless. The SonicPoint ACi wireless access point combines 802.11ac wireless performance, proven security, internal antennas and dimmable LEDs for discreet wireless networking environments.

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SonicWall™ SonicPoint N2

Wireless networking that is secure and cost-effective.

Building a secure, high-performance wireless network doesn’t have to be expensive. SonicPoint N2 wireless access points feature high-speed 802.11n wireless connectivity, dual radios and all the other advantages that SonicWall wireless network security solutions offer, in a cost-effective solution.

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SonicWall™ SonicPoint N2 Wireless Access Point

Build your secure, high-speed wireless network.

Rapidly deploy and manage your 802.11 wireless networks while securing wireless traffic and optimizing performance with the SonicPoint Wireless Access Point Series. Combine high-performance SonicPoint Series 802.11ac wireless access points with industry-leading SonicWall firewalls to achieve wired-like network security and performance on your wireless network.

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SonicWall™ SSL Decryption & Inspection Services

Prevent hackers from accessing your secure data and network.

Safeguard your network from cybercriminals who use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to hide their attacks with SonicWall SSL Inspection.[1] . Rely on full-stack inspection engine technology to scan SSL-encrypted traffic for threats and then quickly send it along to its destination if no threats or vulnerabilities are found.

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