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ActivID Credential Management

This provide companies the possibility to set up a lot of credentials for their employees to access the network from their device. The credentials includes every workstation and servers within the firewall. This is possible by using a smart card or token.

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ActivID Strong Authentication

Companies can secure their network as well as their buildings, by giving their employees the access they need. Perhaps the employees are only allowed to access part of the building and maybe they do not need access to all information / data this solution give companies the full control.

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ActivID® Flexi Token

Multiple security options – Support provided for multiple security services, standards
and algorithms, providing more choices to protect critical data.

Easy-to-use – Intuitive user interface includes icons and messages as visual prompts
for the user.

Full graphical and configuration customization – ActivID® Flexi Token can be
completely personalized to match corporate branding and organizational need.

Cost-efficient – Combines high functionality and flexibility at a low cost for mass deployment.

Supported by HID Global solutions – Integrated into Genuine HID® authentication and
management solutions as your needs evolve.

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ActivID® ActivKey® SIM

Smart and secure authenticators – Allow your employees and mobile workforce
secure access to data and cloud, using strong authentication in a mobile device.

Reduce total cost of ownership / increase convenience – ActivID® ActivKey® SIM
from HID Global® combines the security of a smart card with a built-in USB reader.

Integrated end to end solution – ActivKey SIM is fully interoperable with other
HID Global® authentication solutions, delivering an out-of-the-box experience.

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ActivID® Authentication Server

Increase security – Robust two-factor authentication
reduces risks and mitigates breaches.

Enhance user convenience – Multi-layer authentication
addresses user demands for convenience and portability.

Increase productivity – Connects users securely through a variety
of devices and authentication methods and unobtrusive ActivID
Threat Detection software for anywhere, anytime access.

Extended value – Enables secure access from any smartphone, tablet, laptop
or PC for login to the network, VPNs, web portals and cloud applications.

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ActivID® Soft Tokens

Increase security – Decreases risks with robust two-factor authentication
which inhibits breaches.

Enhance user convenience – Authentication that addresses user demands
for convenience and portability.

Increase productivity – Securely connects users from any location through
a variety of devices.

Lower cost – Versatile, future-proof authentication platform reduces the cost
of fulfillment and management.

Extend value – Enables secure access from smartphone, tablet, laptop and
PC to VPNs, web portals and cloud applications.

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ActivID® Validation Authority

ƒCost-effective, multi-factor authentication, which eliminates the vulnerabilities
associated with static passwords.

Broad support of authentication devices and authentication methods that provide
user convenience and address a variety of risk levels for organizations.

An open, standards-based platform that seamlessly integrates into any existing
computing environment.

Support for compliance with industry and government regulations covering
multi-factor authentication, authorization and auditing.

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HID ActivID® ActivClient®

HID Global’s ActivID® ActivClient® ensures strong authentication of employees, contractors and suppliers when they access enterprise resources to help IT managers, security professionals and auditors manage the risk of unauthorized access to workstations and networks

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